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Donate with love



Our Radio ministry is under Houston Light and Salt Association; and with a group of volunteers, they selflessly donated time and money to support the entire production process. Light and Salt Association is a 501C3 non-profit organization registered by the government.


If you agree with the purpose of our ministry and are willing to support the production of the program with your actions, your immediate actions can help our ministry to survive the tight budget.

You can send a check to the following address in response to your support for this ministry


9800 Town park Drive, Suite 255, Houston, TX 77036

支票抬頭請寫:Light and Salt Association,並請在支票上註明【粵語飛揚節目】

Check payable to:
Light and Salt Association, and put note for Cantonese Radio Ministry


Donations tax deductible; Please fill in the return address and name in detail so that Light and Salt Association can return the tax exemption receipt

或按以下的按鈕,使用Paypal的電子捐款平台。在"Add a Note"的空格處註明Cantonese Radio Program

Or press the button below to use Paypal's electronic donation platform. Indicate Cantonese Radio Ministry in the "Add a Note"field.